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Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes... and One Sick Cross Bike

Santa Cruz

Talk to anyone at Santa Cruz for any amount of time and you’ll quickly pick up on one thing they all have in common -- the stoke runs deep. That stoke translates to a line of mountain bikes that are ready to charge any kind of trail, any time. But that’s it. Because Santa Cruz stands on one founding principle more than any other -- they’ll only ever make bikes that they want to ride. And they probably make a bike you’ll want to ride, too. 

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes... and One Sick Cross Bike

Santa Cruz Hightower AL S
Our greatest hits compiled into one bike—just hit play. If ever a bike r...
Santa Cruz Nomad Aluminum S
The Nomad's reputation is built on consistently pushing the envelope on how...
Santa Cruz Bronson C XT RSV MX
If in doubt, take a Bronson out. You know what's hard about choosing wha...
Santa Cruz Heckler 8.1 CC MX X01 RSV
The Heckler is about expanding your own trail map—accessing previously unre...
Santa Cruz Nomad CC X01 Coil
More travel than a white van Big-mountain riding is a nomadic existence:...
Santa Cruz 5010 C XT
Get creative with your surroundings. The 5010 turns obstacles into featu...
Santa Cruz Chameleon C 29 Frame
The Chameleon, one of our longest-tenured models, has ascended the evolutio...
Santa Cruz V10 CC DH X01 MX
Puzzling Ain't Easy The V10 is designed to be exactly the right bike for...
Santa Cruz Tallboy CC X01 AXS RSV
If ever there was a gravity riders' XC bike, the Tallboy is it. The new ...