Santa Cruz

Talk to anyone at Santa Cruz for any amount of time and you’ll quickly pick up on one thing they all have in common -- the stoke runs deep. That stoke translates to a line of mountain bikes that are ready to charge any kind of trail, any time. But that’s it. Because Santa Cruz stands on one founding principle more than any other -- they’ll only ever make bikes that they want to ride. And they probably make a bike you’ll want to ride, too. 

Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes... and One Sick Cross Bike

Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon C S
$4,899.00 - $6,099.00
The Santa Cruz Hightower brings versatility and brawn to the game while hit...
Santa Cruz Bronson Carbon C S+
$5,199.00 - $6,399.00
Since the day it was born the Bronson has had the biggest personality in Sa...
Santa Cruz Hightower 29 XX1 Carbon CC
$8,099.00 - $9,299.00
With 135mm of Santa Cruz' proven VPP suspension design and a slacked-out 67...
Santa Cruz Highball Carbon CC X01
$5,399.00 - $6,599.00
The Highball is Santa Cruz's flagship carbon hardtail race thoroughbred, an...
Santa Cruz Highball 27.5 R Carbon C
When it's time to blast through miles of singletrack, nothing beats the qui...
Santa Cruz 5010 Aluminum S+
The 5010 is the most fun you can have on two off-road wheels, and Danny Mac...
Santa Cruz Nomad XX1 Carbon CC
$8,199.00 - $9,399.00
Santa Cruz's Nomad Carbon CC XX1 reputation is built on consistently pushin...
Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon C R
Nomad's reputation is built on consistently pushing the envelope on how law...
Santa Cruz Tallboy Aluminum D
The Tallboy cuts a whole new swath across the trail bike landscape. The ...