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Having fun riding bikes at the Cycling Formula's Vermont Gravel Camp.

Gravel Ride Resources

Here’s a few nifty tools to help you find some local “gravel bits” to plan out your own cycling adventure. Go ahead and piece a ride together. Start on the road if you have to, then jump in on a fire road entrance or a trail at the local park and see where you end up on the far side.  Don’t forget to stay creative. There’s a lot more rideable terrain out there than you’d ever realize until you start keeping an eye peeled for it.

General Tools - Not  only a way to find fellow cyclists, it's also useful for finding road, gravel, & trail routes to ride. - A great app (that pairs with your Garmin device) to search for MTB trails to ride. - Another great way to search for routes that other folks have ridden or recommend.

Gravel Map
A great resource for finding as well as mapping gravel in your hood.  Little snippets of gravel & dirt to piece together on your “charm bracelet” gravel ride.

Strava Heat Map
Ever see some power lines and wonder if anyone has ever pedaled down it?  Ever see what looks like a deer trail in the woods and wonder if anyone’s ever ridden it?  Then head to the Heat map to find out!  Chances are some crazy SOB has done it - and you very well could be the next.

Using Google Maps
A little older article, but none the less sell pertinent today.  All the little tips & tricks as well as do’s & don’ts for using Google Map and Google Earth to scout out some adventure ride options.