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Apostles of Rule Five

Apostles of Rule Five

About the Apostles

The Apostles of Rule 5 promote and grow the “love & enjoyment of cycling through safety, encouragement and camaraderie”.

Here’s what  they do and what they’re about.

  • Conduct twice weekly (Monday and Thursday Evening) club group rides (in Scituate) from April through late September

  • Conduct weekend rides (as long as the weather will allow) from various launch points and riding distances

  • Hold annual “special event rides” – January 1st “Ride the Temperature” – Mid April “Taxing 50” – Late October “Halloween 31” (a costumed bike ride) 

  • Establish a footprint in the community through charitable services and activism

  • Teach and practice group riding safety and etiquette for all participants

  • Work with and encourage new riders to help achieve set goals and reach new cycling milestones

  • Promote a group that is self-run, welcoming and encouraging, while employing a sense of humor and zest for life.

The Apostles are not a religious group – (they have been asked).  [What is Rule 5? Read up HERE kids.] They liken it more to a cycling cult.  There’s no hierarchy, no presidents, no boards.  There are no fees to join and no annual dues to pay.  Be a decent human being and have passion for riding your bike.  Enjoy hanging around with other riders (on and off the bike).  Have the desire to become a stronger cyclist and the willingness to help those new to the sport become better and more confident on the bike.

Join by request on Facebook: “Apostles of Rule Five”

If not on Facebook, you can get added to the email string by sending a note to: