Bob Haro was there right at the start. He created the first purpose-built BMX freestyle frame & fork in ‘78, and the brand that still bears his name continues to make cutting edge BMX bikes for the way riding is done today. Haro is proof that you can have a past, respect a legacy, and still be now.

Haro BMX Bikes

Haro Leucadia
The Leucadia is our perfect bike that will inspire any rider to get his fre...
Haro Downtown 18
Downtown 18 is for the raddest rider out there. Haro's new model comes well...
Haro Downtown
Welcome to the Downtown. Haro's new model comes well equipped to take you a...
Haro Midway
$479.99 - $509.99
- 3 tube chromoly frame (top tube, down tube & seat tube) with integrated h...
Haro Boulevard
You riding this weekend? The Boulevard is the perfect bike for you. Comes w...