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Best Gravel Bike Choice

Photos by Chris Kochanski.

Let's Ride Bikes!

Looking for some places to take that new mountain bike out to ride? Looking for some events to do on your gravel bike? Wonder where to head on a road bike? Well, look below to find some answers to those questions - and a whole lot more.

Useful tools (external links): - Not  only a way to find fellow cyclists, it's also useful for finding road, gravel, & trail routes to ride. - A great app (that pairs with your Garmin device) to search for MTB trails to ride. - Another great way to search for routes that other folks have ridden or recommend.


> Regional Bike Path Guide: An Overview

Want to head out an explore some regional bike paths? Here's where you'll find tips as well as a curated list of places to ride.
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> Mountain Bikes: An Overview

If you're completely new to mountain bikes then start here. You'll find a basic overview as well as some bikes to consider.
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> Landmine MTB Classic

For over twenty-years (and counting), Bikebarn has been a part of this venerable  mountain bike race. Alway held the first Sunday after Labor Day, the Landmine MTB Classic is as much a family-oriented community event  as it is the largest mountain bike race in New England.
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> Wompy WinterFest

When winter conditions are just right, Wompatuck State Park becomes affectionately known as Snowpatuck by those itching to ride despite the weather.  And once a year, Snowpatuck hosts Wompy WinterFest, the family-oriented event featuring group rides and a chili lunch to follow. Always a great event!
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> Regional: Races & Events

Looking for some events or races to do on your MTB? Well take a look in here for a bit.
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> Regional & Local: MTB Trails

Certainly not the end-all list of places to ride, we've at least tried to nail down some of the "go-to" places worth making a drive to get to.  Happy pedaling.
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The "Local" MTB Trail List:

> Ames Nowell 
Technical & chunky, Ames is place where mountain bikers go to really hone their craft.
> Blue Hills 
With an extensive network of smooth pathways, a good mix of fast and flowy double and single track, as well as many more challenging tech trails up and down the several rocky hills in the park, Blue Hills Reservation is ideal for mountain bikers of all ages and abilities.
> Borderland 
For mountain bikers Borderland is almost a paradise. What keeps it from being one of the best-ranked riding areas in the region is its lack of intermediate level trails. There are more than enough hard technical trails to satisfy anyone. Even a few "bare rock" sections reminiscent of the Lynn Woods or Moab.  And there are lots of easy trails.
> Carolina Hills 
Carolina Hills in Marshfield has many trails that are hilly, sandy in a few places, and lots of fun. People typically choose trails that extend downhills as much as possible - while making return climbs up the easiest percentage of grade.
> Duxbury 
Riding consists of rolling singletrack through pine forests with lots of short climbs and descents. Primarily XC terrain with a few small features (including one fun teeter totter).
> Otis 
Rolly, flow trails with lots of short, punchy climbs followed by fun descents. Pretty sandy underneath the hardpack so it typically drains well after rain or snow.
> Pine Hills 
The Pine Hills in Plymouth offer a different experience from most of the riding south of Boston and on Cape Cod. The trails, which are mostly singletracks, claw their way through the woods dodging large rocks or scrambling over crazy man-made features.
> Trail of Tears 
There are approximately 21 miles of singletrack that wind throughout the Trail of Tears area. The majority of singletrack is short and steep with some very twisted sections. Though the trails are not very technical, they’re full of short steep climbs which make for a great aerobic roller coaster ride.
> Wompatuck 
`Wompy' contains the greatest number and variety of singletracks in the close-to-Boston-south area. Some of the singletracks, especially the newer ones, are fast and swoopy. While some of the others remind one of long distance trials sections. The latter are constantly busy as you never seem to go in a straight line for more than 50 feet or so, and never seem to stop hopping logs, dodging trees or riding over rocks.



> Gravel Bikes: An Overview

If you're completely new to gravel biking then start here. You'll find a basic overview as well as some bikes to consider.
Click HERE to learn more.

> What Is Gravel Biking?

Long-story-short, no one really knows. The simple fact is gravel is what YOU make of it - and that's why it's so appealing to so many. Give this article a quick read and see what we mean. Click HERE to learn more.

> Gravel Ride Resources

Here’s a few nifty tools to help you find some local “gravel bits” to plan out your own cycling adventure.
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> Gravel Rides, Races, & Events

Certainly not the definitive guide to what, where, or when  to ride - but it'll get you headed in the right direction for certain.
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> Road Bikes: An Overview

Road cycling has branched out a lot in recent years. There are bikes for sprinters, bikes for climbers, aero bikes, gravel bikes, and a whole lot of bikes that blur any line you’d like to draw.
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> Regional Road Rides & Events

A great starting point to finding road rides and events to participate in.
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> Muffin Ride!

A fun social ride hosted in the summer months by Bikebarn.
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