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Kevin wanted to be free. Free to ride his machine... without being hassled by The Man.

We like bikes.  A lot.

It’s not just some line, it’s who we are, right to the core. Mountain, road, gravel, ‘cross, BMX, touring, triathlon -- it’s all in our blood.

bikebarn exists to be an outlet for our stoke that you can plug straight into, but we also haven’t forgotten how to be part of the community. So whether you’re just out to cruise the neighborhood or you’re always chasing the next level, we’re here to help.


The Cast & Crew

Kevin Chickl... Chichklo... Chikshchcschc...  Kevin. 
 Kevin is the glue that keeps this sticky mess stuck together. Ultimately, since bikebarn is his baby, everything is Kevin’s fault.

John Peterson 
 John apparently has the metabolism of a hummingbird on amphetamines, which is a good thing, because John has a donut habit that could make Homer blush. He also does all the fitting and most of the bathroom-mirror-selfie-taking for bikebarn.

Mahhk Gerahhd 
 Florida. Not like the rest of us. Mark likes shiny fenders and baskets and mountain bikes that don’t exist. His favorite place to get hurt is wherever he happens to be riding someone else’s bike.

Dan McCabe 
 Dan is a friend to all the animals, loves naps, and holds the record for most collisions with a motor vehicle among bikebarn employees. Dan races road, cross, and mountain bikes, and has put in more miles during a one week touring vacation than most of us ride in months. He is the resident nerd and has the answer to all of your computer/tech questions.

Kelan O'Connell 
 If we made a bikebarn calendar, it would just be 12 sexy photos of Kelan. With unbelievably sculpted shoulders and bulging biceps, he has worked in several industries and comes to us already with bike shop experience. He rides mountain bikes with much more travel than the rest of us.

Ryan Avery 
 Ryan is fast on every type of bike and has probably beat you in a race and taken several of your KOMs. We threw him into the fire back in service and he took on the challenge without blinking an eye.

Greg Tolley
  He may be but small, but he is fierce. Greg has the right tool for the job, and failing that, he's introduced us to his 24" Crescent wrench. Our resident wheel wizard, you can spot Greg by finding the guy who looks like he fell out of a Fjällräven catalog.

Jake Walker
 Jake will huck a bike off anything for that sweet, sweet footy. If you see a vid of someone riding down the bikebarn stairs, clearing a ridiculous gap, or jumping their bike 8 feet in the air, it's probably Jake.

Alex Blackwood
 Alex comes from BMX racing, but he enjoys all types of bikes. A fresh-faced young man with bike shop experience going back to his teens, Kelan can easily bench two of him. You can find him doing his thing in service as well as on the sales floor.

Jeff Webb
 Nobody has more fun at the shop than Jeff. His laugh and infectious smile will immediately put you in a good mood, and he'll always be honest and tell you like it is. Jeff is one of our prime production mechanics with over 35 years of bike shop experience. Go shoot pool for money with him.

Damon Telepak 
 Damon is our art czar, captain of the cheer squad, Kool-Aid mixer, and arch foe to drivetrain parts. A true Renaissance man.