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Kevin wanted to be free. Free to ride his machine... without being hassled by The Man.

We like bikes.  A lot.

It’s not just some line, it’s who we are, right to the core. Mountain, road, gravel, ‘cross, BMX, touring, triathlon -- it’s all in our blood.

bikebarn exists to be an outlet for our stoke that you can plug straight into, but we also haven’t forgotten how to be part of the community. So whether you’re just out to cruise the neighborhood or you’re always chasing the next level, we’re here to help.

The Cast & Crew

Kevin Chickl... Chichklo... Chikshchcschc...  Kevin.
Kevin is the glue that keeps this sticky mess stuck together. Ultimately, since bikebarn is his baby, everything is Kevin’s fault.

John Peterson
John apparently has the metabolism of a hummingbird on amphetamines, which is a good thing, because John has a donut habit that could make Homer blush. He also does all the fitting and most of the bathroom-mirror-selfie-taking for bikebarn.

The Taryn Askew
The Taryn doesn’t like to talk about the Taryn. The Taryn is a cipher, a cipher wrapped in an enigma, smothered in secret sauce...


Mahhk Gerahhd
Florida. Not like the rest of us. Mark likes shiny fenders and baskets and mountain bikes that don’t exist. His favorite place to get hurt is wherever he happens to be riding someone else’s bike.

Dan McCabe
Dan is a friend to all the animals, loves naps, and holds the record for most collisions with a motor vehicle among bikebarn employees. Dan races road, cross, and mountain bikes, and has put in more miles during a one week touring vacation than most of us ride in months.

Mike Moraites
Mike rides it all, but particularly, he’s the oracle you seek if you want to find the best (or worst) gravel to ride all over southeastern Massachusetts and beyond. You can recognize him by the 9 pound bag of food he carries in with him every morning, or the empty bag he leaves with at the end of the day.

Nikki Montanaro
When Nikki isn’t playing with turtles, she handles bikebarn’s Instagram and shreds the gnar, hella fast.

Randall Charlwood
Randall is the ‘new guy’ who doesn’t feel like a new guy. Seriously. Touch him. He doesn’t feel like that at all.


Anthony Ta 
Unicorn Name: Mystic Glitter Blossom
Anthony is the first person you should call if friends at the bar are wondering how much a professional curling stone weighs or whether it's a good idea to boop the snoot.


Damon Telepak 
Damon is our art czar, captain of the cheer squad, Kool-Aid mixer, and arch foe to drivetrain parts.