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Photo by Jason Tracy.

NEYC Gear Guide

New England Youth Cycling (NEYC) is an interscholastic cycling league that enables New England teens to strengthen body, mind, and character through the sport of cycling. The league has over 1,200 athletes and 35 teams throughout the region. Spring races run April thru June and are open to boys & girls of ALL abilities.  The Wompatuck Warriors are the local NEYC team and are sponsored by FOW & Bikebarn Racing. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Warriors. 

Essential Gear for a Successful Season

Below is a list of items for a successful riding & racing season. Many options are available - be sure to call or come by Bikebarn if you have any questions.

Must have at least one of these three options - choose the one you are comfortable drinking from:
  • Water Bottle & Cage
    • 20-24 oz Water Bottle (Ideally with clear sides so you can see how much is left)
    • Bottle Cage (There are left and right-handed options available)
  • Hydration Pack (Bigger packs can also provide extra storage for tools and other items like a cell phone & jacket as well)
  • Hydration Pack or Hydration Vest Cleaning Kit

 Essential Tools:
  • Spare Tube (for non-tubeless & tubeless tires)
  • Mini Pump OR Dedicated CO2 Inflator & CO2 Cartridges
  • Small Multi-Tool (ideally with chain tool)
  • Quick Link (that matches your drivetrain. If you’re unsure, call or come by Bikebarn.)
    • 12 Speed SRAM (Eagle) 
    • 12 Speed Shimano
    • 11 Speed 10 Speed
    • 9 Speed 
    • 6, 7 & 8 Speed
  • Tire Levers (2-3 used in unison work best)
  • Tool Storage Bag or Frame Strap (if not using a hydration pack)
  • Chain Lube
  • Chain Rag (to wipe away excess lube after tending to your chain. Place it & your bottle of chain lube in a sealed ziploc to keep from getting everything else in your bag oily & grimey.)
  • Floor Pump (Ideally an MTB high-volume pump with 60-70 psi max pressure)
Optional Tools:
  • Shock pump
  • Plug Kit (for tubeless tires)
  • Handlebar Bell
 Essential Clothing and Protection:
  • Wompatuck Warriors Team Jersey (Must be worn at all races. No exception. If you don’t have it, you can’t race. You do not have to wear your team jersey during practice, but it is preferred.)
  • “Tech” Practice Shirt (If not practicing in your Warriors jersey, some short & long sleeve shirts made from light weight, breathable “tech” fabric is a great idea.)
  • Helmet (With or without visor. MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES ON THE BIKE. No exception. If you don’t have it on, you can’t practice or race. Period.)
  • Full-Finger Mountain Bike Gloves (Also consider getting a second pair of warmer winter gloves for cold spring rides.)
  • Protective Glasses or Sunglasses (Don’t need to be fancy - safety glasses are great. Should be impact rated and fogproof.)
  • Riding Shoes (Even for flat pedals, bike-specific shoes are safer, more secure, & last longer than regular gym shoes.)
  • Lightweight Rain Jacket (Riding in early spring can often be wet and muddy.  Having a lightweight rain coat to throw on can mean the difference between enjoyment & misery.)
Optional Clothing: 
  • MTB Trail Shorts  (Stronger & more durable than regular shorts. Some also come with a padded inner liner for more comfort when riding.)
  • Waterproof Or Water Resistant Socks (Help keep feet drier longer in wet spring riding conditions)
  • Cycling Vest (keeps you warm through start of ride yet you can easily remove & stow it as you warm up)
  • Headband (to keep sweat out of eyes) or Beanie (to keep head & ears warm)
  • Buff (to keep neck, head, or even ears warm)
  • Arm and/or Leg Warmers
  • Knee and Elbow Guards (flexible and breathable)
Essential Gear: 
  • Medium Size Duffel Bag (Stow your shoes, helmet, gloves, water bottle, food / snacks, and any other cycling gear)
  • Small Towel Or Two (To wipe dirt & mud off you & your bike as well as clean glasses, etc.)
  • Larger Towel Or Small Blanket (Great to sit on especially when there’s tall grass, dirt, or rocky ground. Also good to place on the car seat if you’re wet or muddy after a ride or race.)
  • Sunscreen!
  • Bug Repellent (For both mosquitoes & ticks)
  • Ziploc Bag Filled With Snacks (Always pack some lite snacks like granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit, gels, gummy bears, Swedish Fish, or other non-perishable food items for quick fueling)
  • Plastic Bags (To put wet or muddy items after a ride or race. Having a second bag for your trash is also strongly advised. Remember: its “pack in & pack out” all trash at NEYC races.)
  • Spare Roll of Toilet Paper (Sometimes at races the porta-potties run out OR aren’t restocked in time. Having a spare roll on hand can be a game changer.)
  • Hand Sanitizer (Great for cleaning your hands after working on your chain or if the porta-potties are out.)