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NEYC / Wompatuck Warriors

Photo by Jason Tracy.

NEYC: Wompatuck Warriors

New England Youth Cycling (NEYC) is an interscholastic cycling league that enables New England teens to strengthen body, mind, and character through the sport of cycling. It provides a safe & fun enviroment for kids to learn to ride or improve upon the skills they have. The league has over 1,200 athletes and 35 teams throughout the region.

For Youth Athletes in Grades 5 thru 12

 The Wompatuck Warriors were founded in 2017 and are the local NEYC team. They are sponsored by FOW & Bikebarn Racing. The NEYC season takes place in the Spring and races run April thru June. The league is open to boys & girls of ALL abilities. Participating in any or all races is encouraged but it is NOT mandatory. The purpose of the league is to instill a love of mountain biking as well as build confidence & healthy habits in kids.

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Racing Categories:

JUNIOR SERIES (Grades 5-8)
JS-4 / 35 minutes
JS-3 / 45 minutes
JS-Junior Varsity / 45 minutes
JS-Varsity / 1 Hour
SENIOR SERIES (Grades 9-12)
SS-4 / 35 minutes
SS-3 / 45 Minutes
SS-Junior Varsity / 1 hour
SS-Varsity / 1 hour 15 minutes


Category Descriptions:


Junior Series 4 (JS-4) (one lap)
  • Intended for NEYC’s newest Racers with little/no race experience regardless of grade in elementary/middle school.
  • Designed to promote a positive experience.
  • Generally suited to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders (5th graders can always “race up”
  • Category) and any other Racer (i) who is expected to be slower than 50% of the Category or (ii) whose doubled lap time would be less than 75% of the JS-3 field.
  • Any Racer that raced JS-4 as a 4th grader is encouraged to move to JS-3 in the following year.
Junior Series 3 (JS-3) (two laps)
  • Intended for Racers who are looking to race for two (2) laps but are not able to maintain the intensity of JS-JV Racers.
  • Any Racer that raced JS-4 as a 5th grader in 2022 shall be placed in JS-3 or JS-JV based on his/her ability.
  • Appropriate placement for 8th graders in JS-3 means that Racer is (i) placing slower than 50% of the JS-3 field or (ii) placing slower than 75% of the JS-JV field.
  • Appropriate placement for 7th graders in JS-3 means that Racer is (i) placing slower than 40% of the JS-3 field or (ii) placing slower than 65% of the JS-JV field.
  • Appropriate placement for 6th graders in JS-3 should promote up if they would have placed in the top 20% of JS-JV.
Junior Series Junior Varsity (JS-JV) (two laps)  
  • Generally suitable for faster Racers who are not yet ready for the distance of three (3) laps. (It is suspected that everyone in this Category could actually do three (3) laps.)
  • JSJV is based around the 7th grade Racers, but there will be many 6th grade racers who are racing up and many 8th graders who are racing down. 8th graders should not be placing in the top 20% of this Category.
  • JSJV is suitable for a Racer that would be in the top 20% of JS-3 or wants to push his/her limits and race in a faster Category/field.
 Junior Series Varsity (JS-V) (three laps)  
  • Generally suitable for Racers who previously raced in JS-JV in their previous Racing season and/or have a bit more racing experience and can maintain pace for three (3) laps.


Senior Series 4 (SS-4)
  • Suitable only for high school-aged Racers that need special consideration.
  • Notacategory for a typical 9th grader/high schooler, not even if that 9th grader/high schooler has no prior mountain biking experience.
  • Typical high school Racers should begin racing in SS-3.
 Senior Series 3 (SS-3)  
  • Generally suitable for beginner high school-aged Racers.
 Senior Series Junior Varsity (SS-JV)  
  • Generally suitable for (i) a Racer that previously raced SS-3 and finished in the top 10% or (ii) a Racer that previously raced in SS-JV.
  • All JS-V Racers moving up to the Senior Series will be placed in SS-JV; these Racers are permitted to race up to SS-V.
 Senior Series Varsity (SS-V)  
  • Generally suitable for a Racer that previously raced in SS-JV or SS-V.
 --> Did you know JV & Varsity racers can put that as a high school sport on their college application?! How cool is that?!! <--
You can also volunteer as a coach on team registration pages. It's free to do so and training will be provided. 
For Wompatuck Warriors (the Bikebarn sponsored team), register here: 
To find and register with another team near you, click here: