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Mountain Biking & MTB Trails: Blue Hills Reservation

Blue Hills Reservation

Blue Hills Reservation

Trail Rating:
Easy: 30%      |      Moderate: 55%     |     Difficult: 15%

695-821 Hillside St, Canton, MA 02021
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With an extensive network of smooth pathways, a good mix of fast and flowy double and single track, as well as many more challenging tech trails up and down the several rocky hills in the park, Blue Hills Reservation is ideal for mountain bikers of all ages and abilities.

The terrain ranges from woodlands to marshlands to rocky hills. There is an extensive, well-marked and well-maintained trail system with miles of fire roads, as well as double and single track trails.

Other activities available include hiking, swimming, canoeing and horseback riding. There is a designated swimming area at Houghton's Pond as well as a refreshment stand.

Great Blue Hill is the second highest "coastal mountain" on the East Coast. (A coastal mountain is any mountain from which you can see the ocean). There are great views of Boston and the south shore from several hill tops.

Please remember that the trails are multi-use and are shared by hikers, horseback riders and runners who have the right of way. Respect and cooperation will ensure that your use of the trail will not conflict with the use of other trail users and will help maintain healthy trail conditions. Enjoy your ride and and please keep these guidelines in mind as you explore.

Where Mountain Bikes Are Allowed

To see which trails are the most popular, on the map above, hit the “Trail Style” tab to open the drop down list, then hit “Popularity". The trails colored red are ridden the most while the trails colored green is at the other end.

The reservation is divided into management sections. Sensitive or vulnerable sections may have greater restrictions than other sites. The areas that offer mountain biking include Great Blue Hill, Houghton's Pond, Ponkapoag East, West Street and Little Blue Hill. The Fowl Meadow Section allows mountain biking as well.

Designated bike trails are shown in green, blue or black in Trailforks (and in black on the official DCR map), depicting the challenge rating of the trails. Trails where mountain bikes are not allowed are shown in shaded out black in the Trailforks App and are marked with "Mountain Biking Not Allowed" sign in red.

Trails east of Route 28 / north of I-93 are closed to mountain bikes, including Chickatawbut, Wompatuck, St Moritz and Quincy Quarries, to protect endangered species.

The park is open dawn to dusk and no night riding is allowed. Park is closed to Mountain Bikers in the month of March due to mud/soil conditions.

source: Department of Conservation & Recreation

Primary Trail Type: Cross-Country

eBikes Allowed: No

Access Info:

Most riders start from the main parking lot at Houghton's Pond, which is central to all parts of the park. 695-821 Hillside St, Canton, MA 02021