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BSTT: Bay State Triathlon Team

Bay State Triathlon Team Photo

BSTT: Bay State Triathlon Team

Bikebarn Racing has been a proud sponsor of the Bay State Triathlon Team since it began! 
The Bay State Triathlon Team was formed in 1998 as an effort to bring together triathletes of all abilities to enhance their enjoyment and participation in the sport of triathlon. The team’s members range from athletes preparing for their first triathlon to veterans of Ironman Hawaii, USA Triathlon National Championships and ITU World Championships. Our goal is to provide a source of training partners, team camaraderie and sponsorship benefits to triathletes training and racing in southeastern New England.
Membership in BSTT can provide you many unique benefits:

  • Frequent off-season team meetings with clinics and guest speakers.
  • Numerous weekly and "special" monthly team training sessions.
  • Team Championship Race Series.
  • Free BSTT shirt and water bottle.
  • Great sponsor discounts on many triathlon related products and services.
  • Social networking with other athletes that have common interests. Yearly banquet, team meetings, training sessions and post-race gatherings provide opportunities to meet other team members.
  • Access to the team Facebook page
--> Annual membership dues are just $85.00 <--
  Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How Do I Join?  
    All membership applications are processed on-line on this website and the cost is $85.00 per year.
  • Who Can Join?  
    Anyone can join.  Bay State Triathlon Team is an open club for members of all ages and abilities.  Our membership ranges from teenagers to individuals in their 70's.  We are an open club and there are no prerequisites, membership approval process or minimum criteria.
  • What Do My Annual Dues Get Me As A Member?  
    Some of the member benefits include, but are not limited to the following:  Team meetings; Preferred race racking; Sponsor discounts; Annual Meeting/Dinner which includes prizes and raffles; Access to team apparel; Trainings; Race Discounts; and, Team Gear.
  • Why Should I Join?  
    There's no one answer.  Some possible reasons are as follows:  Make friends who enjoy the sport of Triathlon; Social; training advice and tips; access to sponsor discounts; team meetings and seminars; a free T-Shirt; and, really cool uniforms.

More information or as well registration can be found on the Bay State Triathlon Team website:
Click to Visit: Bay State Tri Team Page