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Charles River Wheelers

Charles River Wheelers

The Charles River Wheelers (CRW) is a group of recreational cyclists who get together for weekly bicycle rides and frequent social events in the Boston area. They provide a high quality year round recreational ride program with a friendly social atmosphere. 


The Charles River Wheelers Provide The Most Active Recreational Bicycle Program In Eastern Massachusetts

  • Summer rides every Saturday and Sunday, April through November

  • Weekday rides during the summer

  • Evening and weekend fitness rides and clinics

  • Extended weekend and longer trips

  • Winter "Show and Go" rides

  • Social events throughout the year

You'll cycle on back roads you would probably never find on your own and enjoy some nice company along the way!


Every Sunday from April through November, we offer rides of at least 2 distances: normally a 25-30 mile ride and a 40-60 mile ride. Lunch stops and post-ride gatherings provide time to socialize and meet new friends. 

Many of the routes are clearly marked with arrows painted on the roads so they are easy to follow. Or a Ride with GPS route, map and/or cue sheet may also be provided. Our leaders choose the best cycling roads possible-- scenic and relatively free of traffic.

CRW also offers a complete Saturday ride program. Most of these rides use Ride with GPS routes, cue sheets and maps, some are arrowed. These rides vary from 10 to 60 miles.

For the more adventurous, we offer single day rides of 100 miles or more. Our "Century Challenge" requires at least one 100 mile ride in each of the 12 months - winter included!


Throughout the year we offer various weekend and longer trips that have become very popular with touring cyclists. What a great way to explore the small towns and back country roads of rural New England! It is not uncommon to see riders from other parts of the country who come here to ride with CRW on these trips.


This is a series of rides, which start mid-morning on Wednesdays, for those who don't need to observe the traditional work week. Ride start locations and routes vary. The group stays together at an agreed upon moderate pace, being careful not to drop anyone. Each ride generally involves a bit of sightseeing plus a lunch stop near or at the end of the route.


From May through September we offer evening rides ranging from 15-35 miles. These social rides usually end at a favorite ice cream shop or restaurant.


From May through September, we offer 20-30 mile evening arrowed routes for "social" pace line rides varying in speed from about 16 to over 20 mph. The routes are designed to eliminate as much traffic as possible. We also offer weekend fitness rides in addition to the regular arrowed ride schedule. The popular Saturday fitness ride runs year round.


In the winter months, a small, rugged group keeps riding every Sunday on friendly "frostbite" rides, otherwise known as "The Second Season". Shorter and more informally led, these "Show and Go" rides get us out and moving even if it's just from one hot chocolate shop to another.


These include:

  • Holiday Party

  • Spring and Fall Century rides including routes of 25, 50, 62 and 100 miles

  • New Year's Day ride through the streets of Boston


  • Hundreds of organized rides each year in locations you might not discover on your own throughout eastern MA, southern ME, and NH.

  • Support of the club's bicycle advocacy efforts, via Board of Directors-approved donations to groups active at the state and local level.  

  • Discounts on CRW's spring and fall century rides.

  • Complimentary use of CRW's Ride With GPS club account, providing premium features on CRW rides.

  • Full access to CRW's searchable "Ride Library", linked to Ride With GPS routes.

  • Discounts at participating local bicycle shops, which can save you more than your membership dues each year!

  • Access to member's only pages

  • After-ride parties and our annual holiday party. 

  • CRW name tags for your bike or helmet with your name and ICE (In case of Emergency) information


Individual-1 year - $ 15.00

Individual-2 year - $ 28.00

Individual-3 year - $ 40.00

Household-1 year - $ 20.00

Household-2 year - $ 38.00

Household-3 year - $ 55.00