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Tune Ups & Maintenance

Time, contrary to what Mr. Jagger may have told us, is not on our side. Turn the clock back on your bike by keeping up on regular maintenance. We service all brands and all styles of bicycles (non-motorized) and can take your trusty-if-a-bit-dusty old friend and make it like new all over. Rates vary by style and scope, so drop your bike by for a fully detailed estimate.

All prices listed are labor only. Parts additional, unless otherwise noted.

Basic Tune Up -the usual adjustments on most bikes.


  • Adjust hubs

  • True wheels and check spoke tension

  • Adjust headset

  • Check bottom bracket - adjust if possible

  • Adjust cable-actuated brakes or align calipers & rotors on hydraulic discs

  • Inspect drivetrain parts for wear

  • Adjust shifting, including rear derailleur hanger alignment

  • Check hardware for proper torque

  • Wipe down frame

Detail Tune Up -all the Basic Tune Up stuff, PLUS


  • Drivetrain cleaning, including labor for chain, cassette, and/or chainring replacements (parts are additional)

  • Cable replacement labor (cables and housing are additional)

  • Handlebar wrapping labor (handlebar wrap is additional)

  • Thorough bike cleaning

Safety Check Up -get a detailed report of the shape your bike is in


  • Full inspection with recommendations for maintenance points

  • Printed record you can submit to group rides that may require pre-event inspection or just to review for your own peace of mind

  • You can get a copy of the inspection report for $10 with a Basic Tune Up or FREE with a Detail Tune Up or Overhaul


$225 - $295

  • The bike is disassembled down to the bare frame

  • Each component is individually cleaned and inspected

  • Loose bearings are repacked with fresh grease (cartridge bearings can be replaced for the cost of bearings - no additional labor charge)

  • Wheels are retensioned and trued

  • The bike is reassembled and fully tuned

  • New cables, cable housings, and grips/handlebar wrap are included (Specific options are included. Premium upgrades are available at discounted cost)

  • Overhaul prices vary. Stop in or call for a quote.

Other featured service items

30-Hour Fork Service -bath oil and seals


  • Remove, clean, and inspect lower casting

  • Inspect upper tubes

  • Test fit of glide bushings

  • Install new external seal-wipers

  • Reinstall lower casting with fresh bath oil

60-Hour Fork Service -30 hour plus air spring rebuild and open-bath damper service (where applicable)


  • All service points of the 30 hour service, plus:

  • Disassemble, clean, and inspect air spring components

  • Replace air spring seals

  • Reassemble air spring with proper lubricant

  • Flush, clean, inspect, and replace o-rings and glide rings on open system dampers

  • Refill fluid on open system dampers

  • Externally clean, inspect, and test cartridge type dampers

50-Hour Rear Shock Service -air can service


  • Inspect eye bushings and reducers

  • Inspect valve core

  • Remove, clean, and inspect air can.

  • Inspect damper body

  • Replace air and oil seals and glide rings

  • Reassemble with proper lubricant

Brake Bleed -evacuate air and refresh brake fluid


  • Inspect full system for damage or leaks

  • Clean and lubricate caliper pistons

  • Flush old fluid and replace with new

  • De-gas the system

  • Clean lever and caliper

  • Re-install brake pads and align caliper

Wheel Build -professional assembly by one of bikebarn’s master wheelbuilders


  • Calculate appropriate spoke lengths

  • Assemble the wheel using various methods, based on the specific wants and needs of the rider

  • Bring spokes to optimum tension, based on rim manufacturer’s guidelines

  • Destress the wheel, re-check tension, true, and dish

  • Provide 30 days of free maintenance touch-ups

Tubeless Setup -for conventional and plus-tire mountain bike wheels (each)


  • Check tire and rim for compatibility

  • Tape rim and install valve core

  • Mount tire and add appropriate sealant

  • Inflate, set the tire beads, and test for leaks

  • Cost of tape, valve, and sealant are additional and vary by rim type

Tubeless Setup -for fat bike wheels (each)


  • Check tire and rim for compatibility

  • Tape rim and install valve core

  • Mount tire and add appropriate sealant

  • Inflate, set tire beads, and test for leaks

  • Cost of tape, valve, and sealant are additional and vary by rim type

Flat Repair -installation of replacement inner tube and/or tire (conventional wheel)


  • Check rim and tire for wear and damage

  • Check tread for road debris that could cause future punctures

  • Install new tube and mount tire

  • Inflate to appropriate pressure

  • Re-install wheel and check brake adjustment

  • Cost of tube/tire is additional

  • Additional labor cost may apply for non-conventional wheels, such as internally geared hubs or other complex installations -- Contact us for if you have questions