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Suspension & Brake Service

This is a list of common MTB fluid services. To see our complete list of services, see Full Service Menu.

 High performance suspension and hydraulic disc brakes found on bikes today have changed what’s possible on every terrain. With that improved capability come some new care and maintenance considerations. Just like changing the oil in your car, keeping your fluids fresh in forks, shocks, and disc brakes will prolong the life of your components and help make sure they’re always ready to do what you need, when you need it..
 Suspension Forks should have periodic changes of seals & lubricating bath oil. Less frequent, but equally important is a full teardown with damper and air spring rebuilds. Prices and recommended intervals vary by manufacturer and model. Contact us for specifics.
 Rear Shocks need similar attention. Because of the higher internal pressures in rear shock air springs, the air can should be rebuilt with fresh seals and lubricant periodically. Full damper rebuilds, though needed less often than on forks, are more involved and can have long turnaround times -- especially in the height of the season. Have a chat with us about when to schedule full rebuild service to keep your breaks from the bike as painless as possible.
 Specialized Brain dampers, found on Epic models, need to be serviced in-house by Specialized. Contact us for full details.
 Hydraulic Brakes can vary widely in how frequently the fluid should be flushed and replaced. Most should be serviced at least annually to ensure the fluid performs to its fullest and doesn’t begin to corrode seals. We can guide you to an interval that makes sense for your equipment and riding style.