Mountain Biking

"A Trail Less Traveled". Photo by Chris Kochanski.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has been part of bikebarn’s DNA for as long as there’s been a bikebarn. It’s the passion that drives us, morning, noon, and night.

To say that there’s one thing called mountain biking is cutting it all a bit short, though. Mountain bikes are different things to different people. We get that.  Cross country racing, enduro, park riding, bikepacking, or all-round trail riding, we’ve done it all. We have understanding and opinions about it all. We speak your language. We’re pumped on your stoke. We know how to get you just what you need.

Local Groups:
> SE Mass | NEMBA
> NEHSCA: Wompatuck Warriors

Local Trails:
> Ames Nowell
> Wompatuck
> Borderland
> Duxbury
> Carolina Hills
> Blue Hills
> Pine Hills
> Otis
> Trail of Tears

More MTB Resources:

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