About Haro Bikes

 Each year we find ourselves talking about how for years the very best riders have relied upon the best products available. How our Pro's don't just know BMX, they are BMX. And while every bit of this is true, we decided to give it a rest and not dwell on it. We would like to add though...

...that you are going to see a lot of exciting new and familiar faces riding for Haro this year from all corners of the earth and we are extremely excited about that. None more familiar though than Ryan Nyquist. The Freestyle team veteran will be celebrating his 10th year riding for Haro. 10 amazing years!!!

While we use the pros to help us design great bikes, we haven't forgotten who we make the bikes for, and that's you...Each with your own individual riding style and bike set up preferences. Don't like to run a rotor? Take it off...and if you're riding the new Forum Pro or Counterpart you can remove the bolt on the rotor tabs as well. Some like to run 1 set of pegs, some 2, others none at all. Some ride trails, some ride street, most ride all. That's the cool thing about the new line up; you choose what you want and where you want to ride it. Pick a bike because of its size, color, or personality and not because you think it's geared toward street, park, or trails. You don't need that kind of structure in your life and neither do we.

We've put a lot of heart and soul into building bikes. The same kind of heart and soul Bob Haro invested nearly 30 years ago when he founded the company and invented the sport you're enjoying today. Not much has changed since then, we still build 'em because they're fun to ride. We think Bob would be proud of that. We hope you will be too.




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