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All prices are labor. Parts are additional. 

Routine Maintenance
Tune Up
Drivetrain Clean
Clean Excessively Dirty Bike Before Service
BMX/Singlespeed Tune Up$50.00
Detail Tune Up$135.00
Safety Check$45.00

Road/Cross/Gravel w/mechanical brakes$285.00
Road/Cross/Gravel w/hydraulic brakes$315.00
MTB Hardtail$345.00
MTB Full Suspension$360.00
Assembly and Boxing
Frame-up build mechanical (new frame and parts)$220.00
Disassemble and rebuild mechanical (frame replacement)$315.00
Frame-up build hydraulic/electronic (new frame and parts)$285.00
Disassemble and rebuild hydraulic/electronic (frame replacement)$365.00
Higher end / in depth build from box (not frame-up)
Assemble from box (or finish attempted assembly)$125.00
Assemble from box (BMX or Singlespeed)
Box for travel$85.00
Thule box rental (per week)$50.00
Suspension Work
30 hour service (bath oil and external seals)$85.00
60 hour service (oil, external seals, and air spring rebuild)$105.00
Full damper rebuild$125.00
Factory service (suspension goes out for service)

Rear Shock
50 hour service (air can oil and seals)$60.00
Factory service (suspension goes out for service)
Shock eye bushing/reducer replacement (each)$20.00
Shock removal and installation$12.00
Full suspension frame services

Hardware check$25.00
Suspension bearing replacement (per axle)$25.00
Link Replacement$50.00
Drivetrain and Shifting
Adjust/align/install derailleur and/or cable$20.00
Install internal cable$40.00
Install chain$15.00
Install cassette or freewheel$15.00
Install single chainring$35.00
Install multiple chainrings$40.00
Adjust bottom bracket$35.00
Install crankset and B/B$40.00
Overhaul bottom bracket (loose ball)$45.00
Install shifter (each)
Install drop bar brake-shifter combo (each)$55.00
Install flat bar brake-shifter combo (each)
Install MTB AXS group
Adjust electronic derailleur (simple adjustment)
Electronic diagnostic/firmware update
Electronic shifting customization

Rim brake adjust$15.00
Rim brake install$25.00
Rim brake cable install$25.00
Rim brake pads install (per brake)$15.00
Disc brake bleed$35.00
Disc brake align caliper$15.00
Disc brake pads install (per brake)$20.00
Disc brake install (hydraulic w/cut and bleed)$50.00
Disc brake install (mechanical)$35.00
Disc brake replace hydraulic line$60.00
Disc brake replace cable$20.00
Cockpit/Front End/Dropper
Headset adjust$15.00
Loose ball headset overhaul$50.00
Headset install (press-in)$60.00
Headset install (integrated)$35.00
Fork install w/cutting$45.00
Fork install pre-cut$35.00
Stem install$15.00
Wrap handlebar$20.00
Flat handlebar install$25.00
Drop handlebar install$45.00
Dropper post install (Internal)
Dropper post install (External)
Dropper post factory service
Tire/tube install$15.00
Install Tubeless Tire(wheel does not need to be taped)
Tire/tube (internal gear or unconventional hub)$35.00
Tubeless setup (per wheel) does not include tape/sealant
Tubeless setup fat bike (per wheel) does not include tape/sealant
Replace/refresh (per wheel) sealant on existing tubeless wheel
Glue tubular (on clean rim)$45.00
Glue and tape cross tubular (on clean rim)$60.00
Glue removal$20.00
Wheel true minor$25.00
Wheel true major$30.00
Replace broken spoke(s) or nipples (up to 3)$40.00
Wheel retension$40.00
Hub adjust$20.00
Hub overhaul (loose ball)$40.00
Hub cartridge bearing replace front$25.00
Hub cartridge bearing replace rear$35.00
Wheel build (fresh parts)$75.00
Wheel rebuild (disassemble and build)$85.00
Wheel disassemble$15.00
E-Bike Services

Replace tube on rear wheel with motor in hub
Specialized Turbo Update (over 1 year old)
E-bike diagnostics (must be a brand we sell)

Install cargo rack$20.00
Install fenders (short)$15.00
Install fenders (full wrap)$30.00
Install child carrier$25.00
Install computer (basic)$10.00
Install computer (cadence)$25.00
Install computer (power meter, etc.)$30.00
Replace computer battery$10.00
Vehicle Racks
Roof Racks and Accessories

Install base components (feet, fit kit, and load bars)$50.00
Install carrier (each, with base installation)$10.00
Install carrier (each, not with base installation)$15.00
Install box$30.00

Trunk and Hitch Racks
Install trunk rack$10.00
Assemble and install hitch rack$25.00
With new bike purchase over $1500$50.00
With new bike purchase under $1500$125.00
Without bike purchase$200.00