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Fat Bikes

"Fat Bikes in the Winter Woods".  Photo by Chris Kochanski.

Fat Bikes: Overview

They’re not just for the snow. Fat bikes have become a flash phenomenon around here. Riders have discovered that the monster tires make riding about any sort of trail a fun, new experience.

From wide open fire roads to ribbony singletrack to the scraggliest rock gardens, fat bikes handle it all and put a grin on your face while doing it. Oh, and they’re still pretty good on sand and snow. It’s the one bike for beach days and blizzards and everything between.

Trek Farley 5
Farley 5 is the ultimate go-anywhere fat bike. Arctic tundra? Farley's game...
Trek Farley 7
Farley 7 is a burly fat bike built for roaming trails no matter the season....
Trek Farley 9.6
Farley 9.6 is a capable and ready carbon fatbike for riders who want to cha...
Trek Farley 9.6
$3,150.00 $3,499.99 10% Savings
Farley 9.6 is a carbon fat bike built for speed on any surface. The lightwe...
Trek Farley 7
$2,565.00 $2,849.99 10% Savings
Farley 7 is the mountain biker's fat bike. It feels and handles like your r...
Trek Farley 5
$1,800.00 $1,999.99 10% Savings
Farley 5 is our best value fat bike and your ticket to all-season freedom. ...
Borealis Crestone Rigid GX
$3,183.75 $4,245.00 25% Savings
Since 2013, Borealis has specialized in lightweight carbon fiber fat bikes....