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Cycle Life Studio

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For the new outdoor cycling enthusiast or seasoned athlete, CompuTrainer provides the most interesting and effective indoor bike experience available today.  Because you bring your own bike for a CompuTrainer ride, there is no compromise in your ride fit, form or technique.  Tailored to your individual power threshold, regular training with a CompuTrainer increases your cycling power by 20 to 30% and your speed by 2 to 4 MPH.  Whatever your starting point, you’ll improve significantly.   After a fully committed training season, we promise you will see big results. 

We also offer Bike Valet services, where you can store your bike at the studio, call ahead, and we'll set your bike up for you so its ready to go when you arrive!

How CompuTrainer Works

All new CycleLife Studio clients will have a baseline power threshold established before beginning any training work on a CompuTrainer. In order to establish your power threshold, we set your bike up on a CompuTrainer, which has an electronic load generator that is fixed to a rear wheel bicycle training stand. This allows us to increase or decrease resistance while you pedal. Using a scale of perceived exertion, we identify your optimum power threshold. Once your power threshold is established, we enter it into our computer system so that you are ready to go for all future CompuTrainer rides.

CompuTrainer rides are pre-programmed and pre-established workouts that focus on various fitness needs for cyclists, like anaerobic and aerobic capacity, VO2 max, and interval work, etc. For example, in order to increase your anaerobic capacity, you need to train at intervals above your functional threshold power. Because your power threshold has been established and recorded in the system, CompuTrainer removes the guess work and hits the desired mark for each training goal and regimen. Because it is specifically tailored to each rider, riders see improvement more quickly than using other methods. And we have the ability to modify your threshold levels at any time.

All ride profiles, including elevation gains and target percentage of power thresholds are displayed on a high definition screen, allowing you to track your ride and progress.

Using CompuTrainers, our coaching staff implements proven training methods to increase your power, speed and overall performance.  Here are just some of the ways we use CompuTrainers with our riders:

  • Group training classes for every ability level.  Because CompuTrainers are tailored to your individual power threshold, you are guaranteed a workout that will challenge your current fitness level and  increase your performance and efficiency on the bike
  • Coaches create individual workouts for clients based on specific training goals
  • Teams train together for upcoming events
  • Race and event-specific workouts
  • Real Course™ videos – allowing you to pre-ride and train on the actual course you will encounter using virtual reality
  • Seasonal training programs (like Winter Training Series) allowing you to improve base power during the off-season, helping you attain a better fitness level
  • Indoor time trials

Train smarter and harder with CompuTrainer technology.

What to bring?

  • Your road or triathlon or mountain bike (a smooth rear tire or trainer tire is required for any bike)
  • Backside:  padded cycling shorts.  They are not required but will make your class experience much more enjoyable.
  • Topside:  Cycling jerseys, t-shirts, camis or tank tops are good choices.
  • Cycling shoes
  • Waterbottle (filled with your favorite hydration drink)
  • Garmins and heart rate monitors
  • A trainer-friendly rear skewer (proper metal skewer).  NOTE:  For your safety we only allow use of proper training skewers.  Ultra-lightweight rear wheel skewers will NOT work, as they don't offer adequate surface to clamp the bike securely.  If we determine your skewer will not work, skewers are available for sale next door at BikeBarn.  

Our FAQ explains what you need to know to get started.

Get ready to go fast!