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Car Racks

Carrying your bikes on your vehicle seems simple enough, but there’s a lot that goes into doing it well that you may not think of. We have thought about it - a lot over the years - and we’ve seen some disasters that can result from a second rate rack. That’s why we got behind Thule decades ago, and why we still recommend Thule above all else. 

Thule Gateway 2-Bike Rack
Thule's Gateway rack gets you on the road fast and worry-free. Thule's easy...
Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Hitch Rack
Premium platform hitch bike carrier delivers maximum strength, security, an...
Thule Force M Rooftop Box
Thule's Force M Rooftop Box significantly increases the carrying capacity o...
Thule UpRide
Thule’s UpRide is a universal upright bike rack with no frame contact, prov...
Thule UpRide Fatbike Adapter
The Thule UpRide Fatbike Adapter lets you easily transport fat bikes on you...
Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Add-On
This add-on to Thule's premium T2 Pro XT platform hitch rack allows 4 bike ...
Thule ProRide
Upright bike carrier for the quickest, most convenient mounting-for bikes u...
Thule Raceway Pro Platform Trunk Rack, 2 Bike
Thule's Raceway Platform 2 Bike rack perfectly marries the stability and se...
Thule T2 Classic - 2 Bike
Super rugged platform carrier with frame free clamping security for all typ...