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BMX Bikes

2018 BMX MA State Champ Taryn

BMX: Overview

Most of you remember growing up around BMX bikes. These are a long way from your distant memories. They’re made with better steel and better alloys that make them lighter and tougher than anything from your past.

There are sizes to fit young kids and sizes to fit full grown adults. You may want to laugh, but riding a BMX and getting good with it will make you a better rider on any other bike. The same can’t be said for the other way around.

Kids’ stuff? Not even. Sometimes the kids just know what’s up.

Haro 100.1 - 18.5-Inch
Haro's 100.1 is a great-handling machine for the first-time and/or smaller ...
Haro Downtown 18
Welcome to the Downtown. This model comes well equipped to take you anywher...
Haro Boulevard
The perfect match to get your feet wet in the BMX lifestyle while offering ...
Haro Mid City
- Full Chromoly frame with 1-1/8" steerer tube and mid BB shell; 20.75" top...
Haro Downtown 20
$399.99 $429.99 7% Savings
Welcome to the Downtown. Our new model comes well equipped to take you anyw...
Haro B.M.F 29
BMX or not, Chad is about that Bike Life! Riding around towns, throwing whe...
Haro Boulevard
$379.99 $459.99 17% Savings
BMX/Freestyle is deeply rooted in the DNA of our brand and that will never ...
Haro Downtown 16
Downtown 16" is just the right bike to get you started at the park. Our new...