bikebarnracing Team Criteria

The bikebarnracing team has been around since the 80's when bikebarn first opened. Over the years the team has grown, shrunk, won, and lost all while sharing countless memorable experiences.The past 20+ years has brought together a great group of cyclists that continues to grow and evolve. bikebarnracing is looking to build upon this history and offer the benefits of the team to interested competitive cyclists.

Team members are there to help coach, offer encouragement, and be ambassadors to fellow cyclists.Whether it is helping with a flat on the trail, coaching newbies in a paceline, or just lending a hand at a cross clinic we want our teammates to be active participants in the cycling community by being visible in the racing community. Team members pride themselves on giving back to the cycling community by volunteering at cycling events.

The racing and competition aspect of the team takes a unique form for every team member. Goals range from age group personal bests to national championship jerseys. Racing provides us with lots of stories, life lessons, and additional financial expenses. bikebarnracing offers a team discount to members to help offset the added expense of traveling to races and race entry fees.

All roadies, mountain bikers, cyclocross racers, downhillers, and BMX racers are welcome to join!

After reading all the criteria below if you have any questions or would like to join the team please talk with John Peterson or Kevin Chichlowski at bikebarn.



Carry a USA Cycling license registered with the team

Race in a kit

Race at least 5 races per year

Volunteer at least 2 days a year for a cycling event, race, or trail work.


15% Discount Off all products at bikebarn

Access to the forum for all the latest rides, races, tech, and health information

Qualify for bikebarnracing podium bucks.

    How the podium bucks work.

    1. Race in kit
    2. Wear kit or casual wear on the podium
    3. Provide us with a photo of you on the podium in bb kit or casual wear

    First Place receives $45 towards clothing

    Second Place receives $35 towards clothing

    Third Place receives $25 towards clothing

    National events qualify five podium spots. Fourth and Fifth place finishes at national events will receive $20 towards clothing


    If you are interested in three sports instead of just one, check out our shop sponsored triathlete team at




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                    bikebarn                                                             781-447-7223                                                    Monday - Friday  10-7          

                    Whitman, MA 02382                                                                Saturday 10-5

                    242 Bedford Street- Rt. 18                                                                                                          Sunday Closed


                                                                                                    CLOSED: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

                                                                                                              EVE HOURS (10a-5p): New Year's Eve, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve